Things happen we do not expect. In our society we value certainty. We get thrown for a loop when things don’t work out the way we expect them to and the way we had planned.

Uncertainty is a certainty as far as I can see.

Anytime I think I have it all figured out I sit back and take a second look.

The impermanence of our life is something we resist.

Yet it is in the impermanence we can find ourselves accessing our wisdom.

Letting go of our familiar constructs allows for creativity, adventure and trusting on our inner knowing.

You can trust your intuition. It’s just that we are not practiced at it.

We have been trained to make plans, set goals, create a path and focus on objectives.

There is nothing wrong with that except it gives us a false sense that we are in control.

Things happen and when they do, we are thrown back to using our innate wisdom that is within all of us.

Why not practice using your intuition on a regular basis?

Check-in and ask yourself, “What do I need in this moment?”

Who knows?

You might get an answer you like.

Given the impermanence of our life, your intuition is your friend.

This is who you are.