You are the author of your life story.  

It is a one time opportunity over many years to write the most interesting, intriguing and fully dimensional character that was ever born.


When you were born all of the essential character elements were present.


You knew about your connection to the universe.


You had an intuitive knowledge of consciousness and your ability to connect to everything that you needed in the moment.


You understood present moment living because that was all there was for you.


Then the training started and your character took on traits, mannerisms and actions that were adapted rather than authentic.


Your characters’ motivation has been love and acceptance. You needed others to get along in a complicated world.


So the authorship of your life was turned over to parents, teachers, grandparents, bosses, husbands and wives and anyone else who was an authority figure in your life.


The essence of what you came here for was put aside in the shuffle to get along and make something of yourself.


Now you are older and the light is hitting you in the face with a slap to wake you up and realize that the story of your life is half over and you have hardly begun to essentially express and manifest in the world with all the gifts and talents you came with in the first place.


So how about you put on your author hat, look deeply into getting to know your character again and making a commitment to write your life story from essence.


I think it is the way to bring joy back to your character.


I think it is the way to rekindle the heat of passion that has become smoldering embers in the fire of your life.


You have all that it takes because we all know you came with it.


This is who you are.