It is said that patience is a virtue. That was written a long time ago when they had time to lament about the way the world was working. Now we are moving at speeds up until now not known.

A few years ago would you have been describing your life in 140 characters or less?

Just a while ago it was unknown to end a relationship by texting.

The television news is delivered in small bites in order to maintain our attention.

I think we have lost patience. Times up! Let’s get something done around here is the command.

We can bring patience into our lives. It takes an intention to do so as others are whizzing past us.

Yet, there is a deep and honouring quality of being fully present just to this moment. Nothing more just fully present.

When we engage with one foot in and one foot out it is hard to see what is available to us right here and right now.

Does patience imply slowing down? Yes, slow the train down so your heart can engage in this very moment that is here for you.

When you bring patience to your moments you honour yourself and those with whom you are engaged. It also allows for the process to unfold in ways that might not be seen or experienced otherwise.