We are keepers of stuff. The cupboards and closets are getting cleaned out and I see all the stuff that has not been touched for years.

Where did this dish come from?

How come we bought this weird wine opener?

bottle openerQuestions arise in my mind as I clean out places that have been gathering memories for years.

Good thing we haven’t moved, the stuff would have come with us.

It is history piling up in my closets and desk drawers.

Each piece has a story.

I just don’t remember what the story is.

Candles tied with white ribbon, a memory of a special wedding we attended. How long ago was that?

I can’t take on the whole house in one day it is too much. There are too many memories attached to this stuff of ours.

Inside of me I need to house clean too.

My mind is busy going over the stories of the past awakened by experiences during the day.

I don’t do anything with them. I put them back on the shelf of mind and let them sit there.

I feel lighter when I clean out the house. Getting rid of stuff is like a cleansing somehow.

Maybe I could do that with my mind too.

What stories, regrets, anger and resentments do I carry around?

They not only sit around inside me, they rise up all the time at moments when I least expect them.

They bug me and I go through the whole story of how they got here in the first place.

It’s a lot of energy to expend to carry these old stories.

I don’t need them anymore like I don’t need all the old stuff in the house.

It feels good to clean them out.

One way I did it was to send loving kindness to someone I held a resentment against.

Yep, I sent them love and wished them well.

Not because I wanted to free them of the injustice but to free myself of the burden of carrying the resentment.

Feels lighter. They no longer have space in my mind and heart.

House and mind and heart cleaning is a good idea.

We feel better by doing it very once in a while.

This is who you are.