Rosa_simplicity“Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.”  Henry David Thoreau


Life in the fast lane can get so complicated. Right?

Kids to soccer. Kids to music.

Appointments to be kept.

Family duties to attend to.

All so much and there is only a limited amount of time.

Take a breath.

Slow down.

You only need do one thing at a time.

The stress created by attempting to multi-task is huge.

I know you think you are good at it but how about giving it a break?

You will serve yourself better, the wonderful self that you are if you learn to say no sometimes.

Keeping it simple means making choices that take care of you.

You are too precious to try and keep up the hectic pace.

Don’t worry people will get used to your new way of keeping it simple for yourself.

It will be hard for them because you won’t pick up their pieces.

When you keep it simple you stop pushing.

You listen to your soul voice.

You follow your heart.

This is who you are.