As I go through life I see there are bridges to make as to how I do my life with the events that unfold in it. I bought a new stove a while ago. I decided that if I wanted the stove to look good for a long time, I would have to invest time keeping it clean.

Stoves, as you know, get stuff burnt under the burners and after  a while it is impossible to get it off.

stoveYou start to see black rings around the burners where food particles have been cooked over and over again.

The stove is a month old now and it still sparkles like new.

I notice there are small spots where it seems impossible to get them off.

I got to thinking about how I keep the aspects of myself clean and in good working order.

I go to the gym to nourish my physical self and I try to eat well, like not too much fat. I’m not always successful in doing that.

I read inspirational books and articles to feed my mind the kind of information that expands my thinking and deepens my understanding.

My spirit and emotional self gets nourished in meditation, yoga and quiet contemplation as I reflect on sending kindness out to people in my world and the world at large.

The difference between me and the new stove though is that the new stove does not have history with me.

We started with a clean slate.

In me lies my history with all that  I have been taught, all the interpretations and judgements I have made and my picture of how my world should work.

History  is with me when I wake up every morning to guide me on my journey unless I choose a new path that day. It is sort of like the burnt stuff that stays on the stove. It’s hard to get rid of it.

So the growth in my life is a zig zag course of accepting my history as being the right way to go sometimes and other times making a choice to change how I will do my life in a new way.

These can be hard choices.

What I have learned though is that if I want my stove to be shiny for a long time I need to take the time every day to clean it.

Seems to me I need to do that with my life too.

Take time every day to nurture and nourish all aspects of me.

Otherwise a lot of junk will build up and the path forward may not be so clear.

This is who you are.