Just when you think you are on the right track...Kabamm!  Everything feels like it goes off the rails further than you ever thought possible. Everything is up for grabs.

You feel your world is coming apart at the seams and just when you thought you were getting it.

There does not seem to be anywhere to hide.

You want freedom but everything looks like it’s locked down. There does not seem to be anywhere to move.

As a matter of fact you feel totally without choice maybe somewhat powerless.

Guess what, the universe is trying to get your attention so that you can make a change in your life that is like one you have never made before. The change will be so dramatic that it will change your life forever.

So, the chaos, the challenge and the pain of the moment is a good thing. You have to stay with it long enough so the miracle can be revealed through you.

Imagine for a moment the joy, freedom and energy that will be released and available to you when you change the patterns that are showing up over and over again.

You are being asked to pay attention like never before.

You are being pushed to a new perspective you may not see yet.

So stay in the moment of the chaos and be grateful for what shows up.

 It is a life changing time.


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