You have a great idea. The words flow, the ideas are shouting at you to be made real and you think you've got it. That problem you’ve been dealing with forever (it seems) has a solution you never imagined and you are overjoyed with how smart you are.

 Then along comes an obstacle you had not considered. It’s out of the box. Who would have thought that darn obstacle would be this real, this daunting and look so big in the face of what you had thought was a solution.

Your ego goes into a panic attack signifying a hopeless situation.

Here’s what I've learned. The obstacle is your path.You must find a way to incorporate the obstacle into your life so that you discover the learning from it.As you understand how the obstacle offers you new possibilities you will see new ways to move ahead that had not shown up before.

The journey gets deeper, richer and more fulfilling when you accept the obstacles as part of your journey.

It is a way of going with the energy that is coming at you instead of trying to put up a fight and a wall against it.

You have the option of feeling sorry for yourself but hey, is that where you want to go?

I suggest you get into the flow of what is coming to you and go with it to see how it will enhance your journey.