All of us have a set of rules to live by whether we have them written down or not, even if we don’t talk about them and if asked would not be able to say what they were. Your rules have personal power because they dictate how you engage in life.

You are fully responsible for your words and actions. These are determined by your personal rules.

So let’s say, for example, you are holding on to blame. You blame specific people and circumstances for the quality of your life. Well then one of your personal rules of life is to blame and hold on to it.

It’s the same with other attitudes you hold or actions you take. If they are negative then your rules are based on negativity.

If you want others to blame you then it would be good to have a rule of blame for yourself. That way you can be right.

If you want resentments then make up and hang on to a rule about resentments.

If you want love then let’s have a rule about how you nurture your body, mind and soul to show you much you love yourself.

You see rules are rules. So if you have a rule about loving yourself then you cannot act in an unlovable way and say well, just this once I won’t be loving.

Are you getting the point?

When you are aware of the care that you must treat yourself with because you are such a loveable creature then you start to make positive rules and follow them.

You are loveable and so take care of your precious soul with positive rules about your life.