Seems to be the season for the flu and colds. All of us know someone who has had a bug or two this winter.

Count me in.

Out of the blue the other night my nose starting running, my head felt stuffed up and I felt like I was under water trying to hear what was going on around me.

Usually I don’t do sick very well.

I have preferred to put the covers over my head, don’t talk to anyone and generally feel sorry for myself.

If asked, I would grumpily reply about my condition with the end of the thirty-second discussion asking to be left alone.

However, this time it is different. 

I am happy.

I feel stuffed up, my nose is leaking so I have a box of kleenex handy and I am aware of how I feel.

I noticed I felt happy today notwithstanding my condition.

What’s changed, I wondered?

What has changed is my awareness of my physical, emotional and thinking self.

My meditation practice has made a huge impact on my life in the last twelve weeks I have been doing it regularly.

I have taught myself to do a body scan so I can check in and feel the painful places and just be with them rather than  push them away.

I am happy because I take this day one moment at a time. No assumptions about what is next. Just be in this moment fully present.

I know I will come through these sniffles so why be my old self and go into a self-absorbed pity party. It doesn’t help.

When you approach your life fully present in the moment you will be happier.

Whatever is going on in your life will pass on to the next phase.

That’s how life works. It is in constant transition.

All that is asked of you and I is to learn to pay attention in the moment.

That is what provides the space for Happy to show up when things don’t look or feel so good.

This is who you are.