There are ways many people live in the world in which they appear to say to themselves that they have responsibility for other people’s lives. Parents are a good example, where initially they are needed to clothe and feed and care for the baby. Then baby grows up to be an adult man or woman and the parent still thinks they have responsibility for the child’s life.

There is a point where letting go will lead to more happiness than holding on.

If there is a situation you can do something about then by all means take the action that will help provide a positive change in the situation.

If, on the other hand, there is a situation in which there is nothing you can do to change it, then back off and live within your own boundaries of what is possible for you.

This may mean something like releasing the situation and silently sending love and good wishes for those involved knowing that the outcome will be for their highest and best good.

The anger, worry, fear and angst created by attempting to change another person’s experience will not lead to your happiness or theirs if you attempt to manipulate the outcome.

Better to go within to your quiet place that is connected to all humanity and beyond and know that positive forces are at work.

Do not hurt yourself anymore by trying to control others.

This is who you are.