Hopeful Notes Book We have learned to assess and evaluate and judge the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

All our life we have been taught how to be the best we can be.

We have been told to get out there and with our education and training be something in the world.

All of this background came to bear in my experience when I found myself waiting at the car wash.

I was right at the door ready to get into the wash bay and get going because I had things to do.

Errands we have been assigned to complete can only be completed on schedule if we are to consider ourselves a success.

I felt the judgement rise in my throat after ten minutes waiting and watching the person in the wash bay moving at what appeared to be a monumentally slow pace.

Anger follows judgement, loss of presence follows anger and in a moment we are lost in the morass of our own self righteousness.

Imagine living without judgement or assumptions about people.

What could be possible for our lives if we remained present to our essential knowing self?

If we are to know our own magnificence then in all our encounters we will need to be present to see that in someone else.

So I would ask you to consider today leaving behind the judgements and assumptions about others and see if there is more to learn.