When you were born you came as joy. You brought joy into the world because that is your nature. Yet as you came to understand how the world is supposed to work you put joy behind you in order to grow up.

What if you just went into your interior closet and dusted off the joy that lives in you?


There really is no need to wait until things improve or life gets better

It is the way it is supposed to be right now.

Joy is that little bright light in your heart that is always lit.

It just doesn’t show all the time

When was the last joy filled moment of your life?

A moment ago?

A day ago?

Last year?

You have the power to open the door of your heart and let others experience your joy.

Then they will feel their own joy.

When you have a room full of joy expressing people

What do you have?

A heck of a lot of joy packed into one small space that is infectious and fun.

Let your joy come out now.

Show it to others today,

Get past any bumps in your road and open your heart’s door of joy.

That will show them who you really are.