I am wondering, did you wake up with joy in your heart today?  

Joy is close at hand.


It is wherever you are if you choose to embrace it and activate it in your heart.

Joy arrives with you when you come home at the end of the day and your lover is there to greet you.


Joy is present when your children move from one plateau to another in their learning of life’s ways.


Joy abounds when you dig in your garden and smell the earth and enjoy the bees helping.


Joy is at hand when you walk your puppy. That beautiful bundle of joy you care for every day and will never grow up but you don’t care.


Your heart bursts with joy when you know the light of your soul.


You abound in joy at your physical, emotional and spiritual accomplishments notwithstanding the hurdles you had to overcome.


Joy is everywhere if you choose to acknowledge it in your life.


It could be a useful addition to your day. Don’t you think?


Share your stories of joy to shine light on the places in your world that need it.


Joy fills the room like turning a light on. Darkness cannot hide from it.


Matter of fact you are joy right here showing up as you.


This is who you are.