Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

Silly. Everyone knows water is not at the top of the hill. 

But Jack with his ego in full bloom insisted they go up the hill.

His ego denied him the opportunity to listen to what Jill was saying about the source of water at the bottom of the hill.

In a misguided way, her love for Jack humored him to continue in the wrong direction.

So, up they went!

Halfway along this arduous journey up,  Jack was getting angry and began defending his decision to keep going.

Then a miraculous thing happened.

Jack slipped and sprained his ankle badly.

Writhing in pain he cried out for help.

Jill, of course, was there to comfort him and wrap the badly bruised ankle.

He fell into her arms in a puddle, the ego falling away for just a moment.

Jack asked Jill for her thoughts on their journey.

She gently told him they should stop, change direction and head down the hill.

Jack agreed.

So, leaning on Jill for support, down they went.

Low and behold there was a clear flowing stream just off to their right.

The moral of this story?

Your ego will insist you push ahead...keep going. But you may not be headed in the right direction.

Before embarking on a long journey, see if anyone around you has a more intuitive sense of the direction to go.

Then listen carefully.

It may not make sense to your ego but you my may find what you were looking for.

This is who you are.