How hard have you tried to please someone in your life? More than one you say? Yes, more than one person have we tried to please. Perhaps it was my family to start. Then I worked harder to please my partner in my relationship. I did all I could to make them happy.

Once upon a time I even went to work and tried to please everyone in the company I came in contact with whether they were in my department or not.

It all seems so tiring now, as I think about it. I’m just worn out from trying to please.

How about you?

Who has been left out of this picture?

Correct answer! It’s you!

Now don’t get all mean and grumpy and not try to please anyone, just nurture your own heart like you would a small baby. Take care of it gently, sing to it, talk to it and take it for walks.

Most of all give it the love you have in your heart that has gone out from you and turn it around to bring it back to you.