I must indulge myself today to write about my beautiful wife Kerry because it is her special birthday today. Kerry BirthdayMany of you know her and for those of you who don’t this message is about an angel. Several years ago an angel came to town. She was beautiful as angels are meant to be.

She was soul connected to nature. She was the essence of all that love has to offer. Yet, she was not able to stay with those that brought her to this land. 

She traveled to different homes until one day she was given a ride by a lady in a shiny black car with wood trim inside. They went for lunch, our angel all dressed up in her pink dress. She had a pink light all around her as angels do. They stopped at a strange home where four boys played and laughed at her. They did not know she was an angel.

After lunch the lady that brought her said this was her new home and that she should be a good little girl and make the best of it. This was a strange request and one our Kerry, as she was to be known, did not fully understand. Heck she was only two and a half years old.

However, our angel had strength and courage and determination that would take her far and wide as she grew up. It was tough going with three boys on a farm. She was made to work at chores that became more complicated as she grew up.  She learned that the work is never done.

She also learned that she needed to keep her mother happy. This was hard work too because her new mom suffered from depression. Our angel did not know what to call it. All she could see was that no matter what she did mother would not be happy even when all the chores were done.

Our little angel loved the color pink. Her mother did not. Mother made her dress in dark brown and black so the dirt wouldn't show so much. Our angel complied and at the same time learned it was not a good idea to show her pink light to anyone.

She learned to hide her light so mother and the boys wouldn't be mad at her. Inside of her burned a pink light that anyone who understood would see that she was an angel come to transform the world.

As angels sometimes do she has taken a winding path to reach the destination she now finds herself. She has in fact transformed thousands of lives in her work and play. Most especially me. She has taught me what it means to love. She knows what love is and its power to transform. Her light shines when she walks into a room.  

Our angel is a special gift from God. She is Gods heart’s desire and the essence of all things good about the nature of our planet.

Say hello when you get the chance because she will touch your heart with love when you connect with her.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Kerry, an angel come to transform the world.

If you would like to send her birthday greetings just send an email to Kerry@centreforinspiredliving.com