Life has so many irritations, some big and some small.  

How do you handle these inconveniences?


Anger is one way to address them but that throws off your whole day.


Worry is another way to face the situation but heck that wrecks your day too.


Fear is a third option. This is one you know well. You’ve had it since you were a kid. When things went wrong, fear came up because you were afraid about what would happen to you.


When situations arise now in later life, the feelings that come up are the same as when we were kids. 

That’s the power of programming when we are growing up.


Try  a new approach.


Sit quietly and ask into the situation as to what you need to know.


You have to be attuned to your intuition so you can hear what is being said to you.


Then ask for direction and what action you need to take to take care of yourself.


It is all within your power to take care of yourself in this manner.


You just need to practice so you get used to it.


How do I know this?