“The land is meat, water is blood, stones are bones, the forest is the veins and hair.” Aleta Baun “Mama Aleta” led a protest in her country against deforestation that was to make room for mining operations. She is passionate about saving her land.

How passionate are you about saving your spirit?

How do you treat yourself?

Are you carrying on with destructive behaviour including how you speak to yourself?

You cannot take the trees away and expect the land to thrive.

You cannot take the love away and expect your life to thrive.

Where does love start except with you?

How have you come to the assumption and conclusion that you are less than perfect?

The information you take in is filtered through your historical system.

Change the program and update your filter to the magic of self love.

Let self love be your filter for your relationships, career and life happiness.

This discernment is a precious quality you have.

This is who you are.