I found this rose yesterday in a flower shop. It literally jumped into my hands as I was standing there waiting for my beloved to choose the flowers she wanted.

Have you ever had this experience?

You meet someone you did not expect to see.

A book jumps off the shelf into your hands and you get the idea you are to read this book.

So I wondered what is the meaning of this rose coming to me.

The rose is a symbol of purity and innocence.

Ok, I thought, I can rule that out at my age.

But wait, Let’s look deeper.

The white rose is the symbol of love.

It got me thinking about my love to spread Hope and Inspiration around the world one person at a time.

Then I could see my innocence in this endeavor because the means to fulfill my desire is not apparent to me.

What do we do with a desire we have to bring something into the world and not know how to do it?

This inspiring rose reminded me to pay attention, take one step at a time and never lose site of the dream.

Yes, I think the world needs Hope and Inspiration right now.

Am I the one to bring it?

In my own way I do everyday.

Then when you read Hopeful Notes the Hope and Inspiration is shared.

As you touch into your heart to ask what your dream is, you can let it bubble to the surface.

It only needs your inspiration, vision and desire to make it so.

Signs will show up to help you.

Your dream can only be born into reality if you give it life every day no matter how big or small the step you take.

It is within you.

This is who you are.