What is it we thirst for?

Do you imagine living near a beach in some warm place all winter?

Do you thirst for the perfect relationship ?

What about inner peace? Where did it go?

We can talk to ourselves for a long time about the things we thirst for, the things we hope for and the things we wished were different.

However, I think there is promise in seeing your reality as it is.

It may be painful if it is not what you want.

Darlene Cohen, a teacher who has lived with chronic pain says,

“Even while we suffer we can experience joy in life by opening up fully to our experience, not closing down.”

The message is to open to what is in the moment and accept it.

This is hard for most of us who want our reality to be different.

In the moment of acceptance comes the moment of opening.

That is where the promise is to envision a new reality.

You will have to practice at it.

I know you can do it.

This is who you are.