The mind chatters on at a rapid pace about everything happening in your life now, in the past and in the future.  

It has a profound knack for analysis to review past performance and thus adjust to make sure performance will be enhanced today.


Then it will take any time you give it to look into the future and organize the to-do list of your life.


Is it any wonder you have such a challenging time living in the present?


There is separateness everywhere. You are perceived as distinct and unique and an island unto yourself with all the responsibility that goes along with performing as required.


It is a big job, for sure, to be considered such an independent force in the universe unaware of your impact physically, emotionally or spiritually.


It is hard to imagine you are not alone.


It is difficult to create a picture of how your actions and ways of being interact with everyone else.


What if you knew your power to affect the world that you see and beyond what you see?


What if you could entertain the concept that creating your life the way you want it is totally within your grasp?


You have the capacity to create and express your life and to create more good in the world.


Here’s how you might start to know your power.


Between the 6th and 8th centuries the Chinese Huayan School popularized the teaching of Indra’s Net which says that there is a net that stretches out indefinitely in all directions around the universe. At the intersection of each strand holding the net together is hung a jewel.


Each of us represents one of those jewels hanging like crystal stars reflecting the light all around us. When we look closely at the polished surface there are the reflections of all the other jewels in this vast net.


Every jewel reflects the other in an interconnection of light and sound and movement. In this way there is recognition that all of the jewels are interconnected. Not one operates in an independent vacuum.


You may understand that as one of the jewels on the net you are a part in the universe. You are a beautiful, powerful jewel reflecting all others and thus you are a part of it all.

This is who you are.