Sometimes you go through rough patches in your life. Sometimes the patches are really rough and it is hard to describe to others what you really feel.


Primarily because they want to see you happy not sad.

When you are sad or off your game others around you feel their own pain described as yours.

Some people turn off when you show up in a rough patch. They just can’t face it because they don’t know how to fix it.

Here’s what I think I know about the rough patches.

The way to take care of yourself is to go through them.

Face them head on and take whatever the next step is that shows up as being the next step.

Worry creeps in when the rough patch lasts a while. That is a function of ego that is trying to fix the problem when at the moment there may not be an obvious answer to the problem.

Your task is to stay with the flow.

Go up one wave and down the next. That is how to take on the rough patch.

Eventually this too shall pass one step at a time.

Maintain focus, listen to your heart, step forward where it is shown to go and let the journey take care of itself.