Can you imagine being homeless with all your belongings in a shopping cart? Can you imagine sleeping under a heating duct outside to keep warm on a cold night?

The challenge of life is for each of us to live in the circumstances that surround us.

Yet, how does a homeless person move from living on the street to having their own place to live. Some successfully make the move to a new way of life. Is this not extraordinary?

Surely it is more than just a choice. Can you imagine the strength of heart that comes with energy of the universe to push and pull this person to so dramatically change their life circumstances?

How is it that some people can make such dramatic changes in their life while others seem frozen in time? This seems true of people from all walks of life.

Perhaps this is the mystery of the ages. Yet, if the circumstances of your life are going to change you have something to say about that.


You have choices to make from the deepest place in your heart. The decision comes from the foundation of who you know you are. It is always available to you.

The truth of you always has been and always will be rooted in the magnificence of who you are. That includes all of us no matter our life circumstances.

It is with this knowing that perhaps what seems impossible becomes possible.