What is your reaction when you know it is over and you don’t see any alternative? The situation looks impossible to you.

No where to go, no way to improve your situation and no way to stay because it is making you sick and depressed.

There are three typical responses: fight, flight or freeze.

If you stay and fight, you better know what you are fighting for. It may cost you dearly in your health, your emotional state or your finances.

The option of flight is also a difficult one because you will have to deal with your self talk that says you are a failure for not staying. Our society is trained to fight to the end and exhaust all possibilities for success before taking a new road.

The third option  is to freeze, to wait it out. By doing nothing you are at the mercy of your circumstances and the people in them. You give up your power to choose a new course of action.

You know you have fear, guilt shame and anger all tied up in the intricacies of what is going on.

Here is a different way of approaching what looks like an impossible situation.


  1. Choose you first. If you are depleting yourself in some way whether it be physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, you need to know how to choose yourself first. That means making the tough call on what will be best for your spirit.


  1. Trust The Unknown. The door to the new path cannot open as long as you walk the old one. This takes an enormous amount of courage to trust that the path you cannot see is there for you. However,  the availability is dependent on you making a new choice.


  1. Be Willing. When you choose your own life over the circumstances then you must be willing to follow the choice to the end. That may mean making decisions that are unpopular with your ego because it is attached to non failure.

Your life is a valuable commodity. It is hard to put a dollar figure on it. One life lost is a huge loss for our society.

You have a purpose to serve a population that is waiting for you. They cannot find you on the old path.

This is who you are.