I’m waiting until everything is just right and then I will fall in love. I will fall in love with my life when I see the circumstances show up.

I will fall in love with my lover when they meet all my criteria and pass all my tests.

I will fall in love with my career when certain people leave and attitudes change in the company.

I am waiting to fall in love and I know it is coming soon.

It’s like I am waiting at a bus stop. I can’t see the bus coming and I am not sure what time it will arrive but I know if I wait here it will show up sometime.

I am a patient person. I am persistent too. I won’t give up until I fall in love with all the longings I have and with all the visions in my mind.

Oh wait, the phone is ringing, “Hello.”

“Hello, this is your heart centered self calling. I want to remind you when you were born you were pure love then as you are now. The world held a promise for your life then as it does now.

You have no need to keep the delusion of waiting. You see, you are love right here and right now.

Let the love of your heart glow in your life and love will be activated in ways in which you will be so alive and so energized that all experiences will be held in your life with the love that you truly are.

Be well this day my loved one. Call me anytime. My number is written on your heart.”