You have an opinion on certain matters in your life. Some people will agree with them and some won’t. Don’t get caught in the trap of “I’m right and they are wrong.”

When you take this position you close your mind to any new possibilities.

When possibility is not available then there is no chance for awakening to a new life that may be lurking right around the corner.

You see your opinion is made up in your mind anyway. It is a construct of the ego self that has looked out into the world and says. “This is what I conclude from what I see.”

Closed mind equals closed possibility. If, for example, you have made up your life with the opinion you are a victim then there will be no other possibilities unless you can open your heart to something you have not considered before.

This requires a powerful choice to say “I am done with the old way.” Then watch for who and what shows up to help you on your new path.

The universe is always working for what you are asking for whether you realize it or not. So be aware of what you are asking for.

This is new territory and that is a good thing. If we didn’t have new territory to explore life would be somewhat boring.


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