We have a hunger to know about our life. We long for our path to be shown to us in clear understandable steps.

To be on a path without the light of knowing what the next step is, leaves us confused and sometimes floundering.

Here is what I have learned.

Let the hunger be there.

Accept the path is not clear at the moment.

Never stop taking the step that you are guided to take.

Listen to your intuitive heart.

Be aware that there may be what look like setbacks on your journey.

They are there to guide you further.

Have an intention for your life.

If you have not looked deeply into your heart for your intention then you are a boat without a rudder.

Your hunger to know is the human condition.

There is no need to change it.

You can work with it and your journey will be filled with the most amazing people and circumstances.

This is who you are.