The days roll by, it was only a few days ago you were a baby looking out into a world you did not know.  

As the adults taught you how the world worked you thought you had it made. Sure, there were the occasional cuts and scrapes but nothing serious.


 Life rolled on with you growing up, getting the job dad suggested, (or not) and moving into married life (or not). Heck, maybe you even had two or three loves of your life called kids. They kept you on the run too.


Before you knew it, here you are in your mid fifties  wondering where all the time went.


“How did it go so fast,” you ask?


The time forward is not as far as the time past. You can see the past with clarity but what will the future bring?


This is the time to ask, “How then shall I live?”


It is time to find your passion and live it. Even if you live another fifty years it will go by fast, very fast.


So at the end of the road, what is it you want to say about how you lived the last half of your life?


You have all the wisdom, the knowledge of your delusions and how not to live them anymore. You know in your heart it is time.


You are like a Ferrari in the garage. What’s the point of letting it sit there. Get out and drive it!


Your passion is not lost like your car keys. It is like the ocean, always there with a raw power surging beneath the surface waiting for an uncomfortable moment to create a huge wave.


You will have to leave your bed of comfort.


You will need to look into your heart and accept the raw power that you are as a human being.


Then you will have to do the unthinkable, whatever that is for you and take action. Get the Ferrari out of the garage.


The passion of your life lies within you.


How then shall you live?


This is who you are.