The day starts early, it is five a.m. Who invented this time as a time for things to get done, to be awake and make something happen? Well, here it is. Do something with it. Read, write, think, and meditate all good things to do.

How often we forget time moves on whether we are doing something with it or not.

How precious your day. How will you treat this gift you have been given?

What is your state of being today? Check in with your body, mind and spirit and see how the weather system is. Perhaps there are foggy patches or rain or even snow. Perhaps there is glorious sunshine within you waiting to be expressed.

As you check in with yourself you become aware of your state of being.

It may have to be changed to move ahead with this day.

One day seems like so little yet in a lifetime it can be a change point.

Treat this moment as precious as it is intended to be.

Whatever you do with today goes into the record book never to be seen again, only to be remembered.

Let the expression of you be those that show your light and allow for your heart to blossom into all that it is intended to be today.

Trust the knowing of your heart that whatever you do with this day will be memorable.

Because this is who you are.