The men are building a house across the alley. It just started a few weeks ago after they tore out the old house and cut down a fifty-five year old tree to make way for the new construction. Seems silly to me to have lost such a beautiful tree. Maybe it was ready to go. The foundation has been poured. One would hope with precision because otherwise everything will be out of square. Who would want their house to be out of alignment?

Well, it depends I guess on what you know. If your life is out of alignment then other things might look like they are ok when they are not. It all depends on where you are. Have you checked lately?

The house will be big and tall. I think sarcastically it looks like a hundred feet high from where I stand.  Lots of things look tall to me because I’m short.

That’s not to say the house will be out of place in the neighbourhood except all the other houses are bungalows. The new one is a two story. Things only look out of place though for a while when you are going through transition. After a while all the houses will be two story and things will be back to normal.

Is your life in transition? I bet it is because we humans are like that. We don’t like to keep things the same for very long. So your interior neighborhood is probably out of sorts. No need to worry it will be back to normal soon and then it can go into transition again.

Nothing is static. If you think the situation you are in will last forever just remember, “This too shall pass.”

Then you can stay in the game while things change. They always do.

House building looks like going from a vacant lot to a solid completed building. Even if it lasts fifty years like the last house did it is all transitory. Your life included.