Hopeful Notes from Howiej make a great giftIt is the season of gift giving and there are so many choices. People rushing from one place to another trying to figure out what people want. It seems a bit like the silly season in which we do things we would not normally do.

How about looking into your heart to see what you would want people you love and appreciate to experience?


If hope and inspiration is a gift you would give from your heart then, Hopeful Notes From Howiej can make a difference in the life of people you care about.

There are two ways to give Hopeful Notes as a gift.

First you go to my book distributor and click on “gift”.

Then you have two choices. You can enter their email address and they will receive a copy of my book directly with your name attached.

Secondly you can enter your email address and get a special code that you can wrap up and give as a gift. Then that person will go to my book distributor and enter their code to receive the book.

Sometimes love comes in a simple package.Hopeful Notes From Howiej make a great gift

Simply hopeful