“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”   Stephen R. Covey

The new years day is long past and the thought of new behaviours to improve your habits seem to be a distant memory filed away in the dusty reaches of your mind.

All the talk of better habits is a distant echo heard only in the far reaches of your heart that yearns for a better life.

A habit is a routine behaviour that you engage in on a regular basis. They tend to be automatic based on a stimulus and a long history of repetition.

You know what habits you want to change. Yet circumstances get in the way and one more time the old habits show up.

Then you speak to yourself like a child who has been bad and needs to be retrained.

However, hope springs eternal.

Hope can and will show up if you take up the learning that is available from Hopeful Habits.

When you decide to change a habit you will need to offer yourself a reward.

The prospect of a reward fires up hopefulness in your heart.

Hopefulness offers the incentive to raise your awareness and pay attention to what triggers the habit. You start to feel excited about being able to change a habit you have had for a long time.

Then you are on the road to a new way of behaving.

You take the time to imagine your hope filled life.

You bring awareness to your behaviour so you get to know what is triggering the habit.

Then you make the decision to act in a new way.

 As the old habit drops away you gain confidence in your new behaviours.

Your breath comes easier, your thoughts are clearer and you smile at the hopeful life you have created for yourself.

You just forgot for a while that...

This is who you are.