I've noticed an increase in frustration on the highways and byways lately. carI observed one driver giving an obscene gesture to another.

In a parking lot one motorist is yelling at a motorcyclist who has blocked his way.

So much energy encapsulated in small bodies is sure to find a way out.

It may be by way of anger toward another.

It may be to carry out an act of aggression toward another person or their property just to prove the justification.

It seems to me to be a sign of deeper trouble.

When you hold emotion in, the energy goes right through your heart and soul.

If you hold anger or sadness in long enough it will surely turn to depression and sickness.

If there is something to let go to free your life today then I suggest you do that.

All aspects of life are just energy.

Take an inventory as you go through your day and see what feelings and emotions need to go.

If there is deeper trouble for your heart then face that too.

It is better to face your life than to try and avoid it by throwing anger or sadness around to whoever may be within your range.

Face everything and see what is there.

When you act in your own best interests you will not avoid what needs to be dealt with.

Your heart will be happier.

Your body and mind will be healthier.

You will be energized to move forward.

This is who you are.