The headline screams across the page that you have another day and a new life. Now the big question: what will you do with this day? No doubt there is a bit of the same old stuff. You are so familiar with it you could do it with your eyes closed. Not a good idea if you are driving.

The tension fills your body as you brace for the activities that seem to decrease your energy rather than increase it.

What is it you are longing for?

Do you long for more connection?

Do you long for more passion?

 Does that deepest part of you call for more meaning?

There is no manual of human development. There is only your awareness of what you need and want.

That can be tricky when all about you appears to be in chaos.

You have a desire to make that particular project happen you have been thinking about for years.

It burns inside you to be brought out to the world. Yet busy activities get in the way. You say to yourself, I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes because you are in the game of doing, doing and more doing.

Now, is the time. Hello world!

If everything changed in this minute to allow for that special project to come from you to the world what would you do?

There is nothing missing. What gets in the way are the choices you make based on what looks like an impossible situation.

No matter what you have on the go and on your agenda take some time, even a few minutes, to start to bring into reality that special something you want the world to have.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with only one step so take that step and see how it feels.

Your energy will soar as you engage in bringing forth the new you with passion, purpose and authenticity.