The statistics show that ten-million Canadians and thirty-million Americans have hearing loss. The reports also indicate only twenty percent will do something to correct the hearing loss.

Up until this week I was one of them.

The resistance to change is a keystone of my attitude to life. I have known for a long time change feels difficult so it would be best to avoid it if possible.

We all know, of course, that we live in a constantly changing world so maintaing the status quo is a frivolous dream.

I had a hearing test over two years ago at which time it was recommended to me to get hearingĀ  aids. I tore the report up believing my hearing would get better on its own.

The unconscious ways we have learned to do life can get in the way of our own good.

What is it within us that resists a new possibility?

I know I had the attitude that to have hearing aids was a failure of some kind.

Silly you might say, yet I observe in myself and others the resistance to opportunities coming along that are turned away because of our attitudes.

When we let go is the chance to open to a new world.

My world has completely changed since I can hear again.

The other side of change is a place we do not know until we get there.

To get there the walls of resistance must come down.

We needĀ  to open our hearts to something new, without evidence it will help us, and step onto the new canvas of our life.

Whatever you are resisting today, let it go.

See what happens when you open to a new way.

I have.

I can tell you the other side is like being in a place where I can paint a new picture of my life.

This is who you are.