Two HeartsAll one could want is to be heard from one heart to the other. But, you say the heart does not have ears to hear.

Yes, it has a hearing system developed well beyond those beautiful hearing dishes on the side of your head.

When we are together my heart reaches for connection with the intention of hearing you as your soul speaks. Then the truth of who you are comes to me in all that you say.

I am sorry I made you angry.

Your heart is hurt because I ignored you.

 Forgiveness is a way to hear each other even more deeply so that our hearts can once again connect.

We are not strangers you and I even though we have not met.

We live on the same unseen grid that is our connection to authenticity and purpose.

Let me open my heart to you so that we might accept each other for who we are.

It is without prejudice that I present my heart to you.

I accept you for who you are.

We may make mistakes and we may make a wrong turn even when we have promised otherwise.

Let us just never forget that we need each other. Right now more than ever.

For without each other we have no reflection.

We would miss that.

Let us connect heart to heart and know once again the truth of one another.

This is who you are.