This is the time of the heart.

I am saddened by the events on the global stage and the local stage.

Fear grips the nation with soldiers being killed, dangerous diseases invading our space and unknown scary things being made up in our minds.

The heart is the home of our intuitive intelligence, our wisdom and our compassion.

It is without question the one thing we need in  our world.

I want to describe how I feel about the need for compassion. 

There is a mixture of sadness, anger and inspiration in my heart.
I am driven by passion within to make our world a more compassionate and wise place to live now and for the generations to come.
What I know is when light shows up so does the darkness.
The darkness can never hide from the light.
When you radiate your life's passion into the world you bring light where there was darkness.Compassion lives in us.

However, I am reminded of what one of my teachers told me about Gandhi.

First, he was man of non violence and truth.

He said you can love the sinner but not love the sin.

He was able to embrace his abusers but not embrace the violence they brought to his people.

I am in the third act of my life and it is clear to me that a life intention is a necessity.

Whatever number of years you have left to live, do not waste it on frivolous activities.

Your world is everyone’s world. We are all connected.

There is not one thing you nor I can do that does not affect everyone else on the planet.

Awakening the passion of our heart is what is called for.

I see many people have put their passion aside for work or relationships that express less than who they are.

The passion in one’s heart is awakened when you feel the tug of not being able to do what you are doing for one more minute.

The velocity of change and the intensity it brings is in our face.

What will you do about your life today?

The possibilities are in your hands.

In the face of  extraordinary events I have never experienced in my lifetime, I choose to contribute to the community and gather people who are like minded to come together for a better world.

If not us, then who?

This is who you are.