Have you ever had a time when everything just flowed? You could feel your breath and you were aware of your movements. The ease in your body and mind was awesome. Yes, it might have been just one moment or it could have been one day.

The other day it was a golf game for me. I played the best game of my twenty years playing golf. Who would know it would ever happen?

I didn’t plan it. Every time I showed up to play a game of golf I just showed up and played. So many times I wondered what it would be like to get the stroke down just so that it would make a huge difference.

Yes, that time when you were so engaged that there was no resistance within you for what you were so fully alive in.

No doubt it was something you loved. It was something you would not quit at until you got it not knowing when that exactly would happen.

Still you got in the game. You played your best. You gave it all you had every time because you knew in your heart that to be better you just had to show up.. fully every time. You did that.

Here is what I learned. If you have ever had the experience of flow in your life and I am going to say you have, then when it is available to you in one part of your life it is available to you in every part of your life.

When you let go of the separation of this being where the flow is and this is where it is not…then there it is because you know it!