There is a man by the name of Matthieu Ricard, who through scientific tests, has been dubbed the “Happiest man on Earth.” This news is based on brain scans done on him and then compared to other people.

Scientists have figured out what your brain looks like when you and I are happy.

Can you imagine…??

I would suspect most of the time you could tell me if you are happy or not.

You can relate to happy moments in your life and connect a feeling to those moments you could call happy feelings.

The Dalai Lama says compassion is a key to happiness.

When we have concern for others’ welfare, without attachment, we have compassion.

I have had to think about this because we live in a “me,me,me” world.

Most of what we do and engage in is for our own well being rather than someone else’s.

The conclusion I have drawn is that the ”me” world is an old model based on historic thinking.

We now must move to a “we” world in order to feel the happiness within us and expand it out to the world.

It has been my experience when I move out of my own little world to help others I feel better. I have happiness within me.

Maybe you have the same experience.

The other aspect of happiness is a sense of openness and awareness. When I walk with awareness I will not slip on the ice or miss seeing the car coming toward me.

The openness is a tender holding on to the love you have for yourself and what you are willing to share with others.

This is in my experience is happiness.

It happens from the inside out.

This is who you ar