Being grateful is not a new concept yet it eludes me all the time as life events intervene. Does this happen to you too?

There is no time like the present to give thanks for what is in your life.

Even in the darkest of times we can be grateful.


The power of gratitude is how it opens your heart.

When your heart is open you are more available to your essential self.

When you have your essential self open and present then you are in touch with all that you need in the moment.

You can trust the messages you get from your essential self.


Take a moment now.

What is one thing you are grateful for?

Now feel the energy flowing through you that is resonant with your gratitude.

Bathe in this positive, life affirming gratitude.

Notice how quiet your body feels, how warm your heart feels and even how the chatter of your mind slows down.


Use gratitude to break the cycle of the chaos and the busy life you have.

When you take just one minute to express gratitude everything changes.


You have a gratitude wish within you now. Let it be spoken in the quiet of your own heart.


This is who you are.