Hopeful Notes BookThis time of year it is easy to lose your grip on reality. The traffic is frantic, the stores are full and the level of anxiety at home, school and the office is beyond comprehension.

We need a plan. If you have a strategy then you can take care of yourself and all the stuff going on won’t get to you so much.

The first element of your plan could be gratitude. In gratitude for the life you have, the people in it and the experiences of your day you can fill your heart with warmth.

In the warmth of gratitude lies the nurturing of your heart at a time of year when you need it.

Make a daily practice of gratitude.

The second element of your plan could be connection. In connection is the presence you bring to yourself for yourself.

If you don’t connect with you first then how would you be able to connect with others.

A key element of connection is to stop multi tasking when you are connecting. Pay attention to what your body, mind and heart are saying.

When you bring gratitude and connection together first for yourself then you will have a plan from which you can take care of yourself.

Plan it. You first this season.


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