The word gratitude is thrown around as though it is easy to learn, easier to incorporate into our lives and even easier to give. Take three minutes and make a list of the twenty things you are most grateful for.

I hope your name was at the top of the list.

Start the daily practice of gratitude for who you are. The miracle that you are that showed up here in this family at this particular time in history to shake things up.

Yes, you have been grateful to your parents for getting you this far. They got you started.

Then there are others to be grateful for like the other drivers on the road in front of you, your spouse, your boss, the barista at your coffee shop. So many people help you along your way during the day.  Be grateful for all of them.

Gratitude is a practice of everyday living. Consciously practice to be grateful for at least ten things every day.

Gratitude brings your light into the world. Gratitude lightens your heart. Gratitude opens the deep channel to that place of self love and you see how grateful you are to be right where you are.

This is who you are.