We live in the delusion that those things we have are “mine”. We wash them, shine them, fill them with gas, vacuum them and attach emotions to them.

Example: I love my “fill in the blank”.

We classify our belongings as ours and we put fences around them and we stand with them with a pride of unparalleled ownership.

When you look more deeply into this delusion you get to see that really these so called possessions are only with us as long as we are around.

Have you ever heard of someone taking their Ferrari with them when they die?

Same with all of us, all of these possessions we have grasped so hard to get are merely here with us for a while.

I am not advocating you might not want or perhaps need any possessions as you take this earthly journey.

 However, I wonder if we need to be so obsessive about it.

Can we stop for a moment and consider our next purchase and bring awareness to our decision?

Is it possible that your happiness can be generated from inside your heart instead of inside Costco?

No matter how attractive the shiny object is in the store just take a moment within your heart and feel your awareness about your happiness and this object.

You will know that more grasping is not more happiness.

This is who you are.