Google is an innovative company that says innovation is a way of life rather than a process In search of innovation employees at Google spend up to 20% of their time on projects that interest them.

Yes, they are bust people.

Yes, they have deadlines to meet.

Yes, it is a stretch to find the 20%. Yet it happens big time in the Google Company.

You are a busy person no doubt with family and career obligations that have you keeping your head down just trying to keep up.

What if you spent 20% of your time on your life purpose?

What if you spent a little bit of time meditating in silence to allow your mind to slow down and your heart to rest?

You can do it.

The choice to be made is to realize that time invested in your purpose, your intention and your soul will pay off.

This is simply a possibility. It is made real when you choose it.

If the status quo is to be changed then you will need to change it. Otherwise the river flows in the same old way.