Go to the place within you that is beyond words. It is the place that came with you when you were born.

Your mind tries day to day to figure it all out about your life. How will this work? How will I get there? Who will come with me?

Go to the place beyond the words. That place within you that just knows. You might call it your intuition, your gut instinct, your soul or just me.

No matter what you call it there it sits waiting for you to access its power, its presence and its guidance for your life.

There is no struggle here. It is just about knowing what is true about you.

One door to get there is through silence. Another might be a walk in nature where you drink in the magnificence of the world in which you live and know that you are a part of the magnificence.


You cannot deny it.

The place beyond words is the magnificence of the universe within you.

Go ahead, take a look, take a quiet contemplative look and see once again this place your heart knows.

Then welcome yourself home.