How people see their world determines their experience. Some people see their world as half empty and some see it as half full.

Glass of water2Attitudes and beliefs learned long ago when we were growing up create patterns in our lives.

These patterns come with feelings and descriptions and lead to our actions.

Many of us realize we have  learned our attitudes from our family and said we would never be like them.

We didn’t like what we saw as we grew up.

A friend of mine lamented as he looked in the mirror and saw his father. He said he had worked so hard for so many years not to be like his dad and here he was staring back at him.

Just because you look like someone does not mean you are that person.

How do you see your world?

Do you complain about everything that is going wrong?

Do you rejoice at the good things that happen?

Our awareness of our attitudes and beliefs determine our daily experience.

Half Empty? Half Full?

It is a choice.

This is who you are.