The baby boy is beautiful and he is only a few weeks old. How fascinated the parents are and how proud of this game changer they have brought into the world. Now he is twenty-two and addicted to alcohol. How could this have happened? Where is the hope in this for this game changer? He was supposed to be the one.

The parents gave all they had in every way they could think of. No fault of theirs this child has taken to obsession of the mind and craving of the body.

He says one drink is too many and one hundred is not enough. Surely the love of the parents can change his mind and his habits.

No, probably not. The parents are trapped in the powerlessness of not being able to live someone else’s life for them.

There will be no turning back until he decides it is time to do so. Then he will undertake a rigorous program of honesty. Something that has eluded him for a long time.

What are you obsessed with? Is it control or perfection of the situation? How do you deal with the imperfection of your world?

Each of us has power. The power to choose our path.This boy has forgotten his power of choice and has lost his way as a traveller might who has misplaced their map.

Life is a journey for sure. Where we start does not matter and few will care where we end. Still there is a path for our journey and for this boy too. One path may be destructive, one path may be boring, and one may be evolutionary and bring forward the expression of the soul. That is up to us.

The game changer you are lies within you whether you are making use of it or not. The same is true for this boy too.