You have a way of living that has certain predictable ways in which you act. Sometimes people say about you, “I could set my watch by when you do that every day.” Everyday like Big Ben keeping time you do the same thing over and over again never questioning the efficiency or value of it.

The value of a habit is that you create an atmosphere where the outcome is predictable. This satisfies your need for certainty.

When you have certainty you feel comfortable like you are wrapped in a warm blanket. You feel calm and serene in the certainty of the outcome.

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with habits. It’s just that habits can be like freezing yourself in a block of ice. There is nowhere to go and unless the sun comes out with some heat, nothing will change.

Perhaps you have no need to change, however you live in an evolving universe. It is forever and always changing in every moment.

So why not take inventory of your habits like a shopkeeper does on a regular basis and see what you have as habits you might want to let go.

Not all habits are meant to be forever.

Then you take on the excitement, fear and challenge of creating a new field for your life.

You can create a new sandbox to play in and all those around you will not be able to set their watches by when you do things.