The path of our life is wide and flowing like a large river when we are young. Increasingly we learn to play by the rules someone else has made up.

If we make a certain score, get a certain position, make money and look good we will have “success.”

The path narrows as we move forward in the game of life.

In the end we wait in our bed for the last breath. There is only a trickle of a stream left.

We get ideas from our wise intuition all the time.

It is hard to break the habit of following the old rules.

So we follow our intellect and our reasoning as to why a new path is not a good idea.

Imagine for a moment of once again being in the wide river.

Your body is electrified with excitement, your heart pumps fast with joy, your mind is turned on to possibilities you did not see just yesterday.

It is possible.

Freedom lies on the other side. The other path is open.

A new path is like being in a new wide river of life.

You need to follow your wisdom which has come to you one more time to see if you are ready to fly again.

It is possible to reinvent yourself, no matter your age and stage.

Listen to the guidance you have been given.

It takes a few quiet moments to listen.

Then you will feel the freedom of being in the wide river of a new experience.

You feel it with every fiber of your body.

Now you are living…again.

This is who you are.